Current State of Residential (1-4 Units) Real Estate Economics & Management in Alameda County
Ralph Watkins III
Ralph Watkins III is the Managing Broker of Watkins Real Estate in Castro Valley and the current President of the Rental Housing Association of Southern Alameda County (RHA).  In his presentation Ralph focused on current economics and management of residential properties in Alameda.  Regarding the economic aspects, he focused on the following topics:
  • Headwind created by a rising interest environment
    • How much will interest rates rise
    • How long will this environment last
    • The inflationary impact on mortgage rates and real estate
    • Traditional real estate as an inflationary hedge
  • Potential reasons for foreclosure Housing Inventory 
    • How do we look vs. 2008
    •  Potential reasons for foreclosure
  • Housing inventory
    • Lack of inventory
    • Will inventory increase 
    • New Housing starts 2022 
    • Local Government incentive?
Regarding the management of residential properties, Ralph focused on the following issues:
  • Local Government/Political Environment
    • Alameda County Supervisors / Local City Councils
    • Cities vs. Unincorporated Areas
  • Tenants' Rights
    • Where do we go from here
    • COVID related housing issues
  • Rental Control(s)
    • Cities vs. Unincorporated areas
    • State
  • Eviction Moratorium
    • When will it end?
    • How to operate in the interim
Watch the presentation here.