The Rotary Club of Castro Valley a group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  We care deeply about our friends, neighbors, town, state, nation, and world.  We constantly review grant and sponsorship applications that come in from Castro Valley groups and organizations that are working to make this a better place for everyone.  Got a program or event that needs a little more funding? Get your application in today! Here's some general guidelines:


Grants are programs / projects that meet the Grant Eligibility Guidelines, and are generally only given once. Grants are not renewable. Examples include uniforms for school teams (music and athletics), equipment and/or facility improvements for youth organizations that benefit the community and supplies for schools. 


Sponsorships are programs / projects that meet the Sponsorship Eligibility Guidelines and, once approved, are eligible for renewal provided the required summary report is received prior to the August Board meeting.  Examples (and only examples) include youth leagues (not teams) and organizations (e.g., Boy Scouts), educational programs at schools (e.g., Sober Grad Night, Interact) and association memberships (e.g., Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, Hayward Area Historical Society).

General Guidelines for both Grants and Sponsorships:

1.         Unless specifically exempted by the Board, funding requests for all programs/projects submitted for consideration must include the Club’s formal application, including a list of efforts/results for other funding, including organizations contacted, any fees charged for participation, and/or personal efforts (e.g., car washes, bake sales, etc.).

2.         The appropriate application or letter from the applicant must be complete, including all attachments (e.g., a list of efforts and results for other funding).

3.         If the funds are approved, a summary report form will be included with the funding check and must be completed and returned prior to consideration of future funding of any kind.

4.         Funding is intended to impact a group of people rather than individuals.

5.         Grants and Sponsorships may be requested by any member of our community or recommended by any member of our Club.  However, each program/project will be considered based upon the merit of the program/project. 

6.         All requests for funding will receive a letter of receipt signed by the President or his/her designee stating the procedures and requesting any missing documentation needed for presentation, and a time line with which the request will be handled.

7.         Incomplete applications/letters or applications/letters missing required documentation will automatically be denied until the requesting party is in compliance with requested documents.

General Guidelines for Grants:

1.         Grants must meet all of the General Guidelines for both Grants and Sponsorships.

2.         Grants may be approved by the Board at any monthly meeting.

3.         Grants will seldom exceed $250.  Written justification by the Board is required if the $250 limit is exceeded.

4.         Grants are for programs/projects and not to cover salaries unless approved by the Board.

5.         Grants are not limited to only Castro Valley programs/projects.

6.         Grants are not renewable.

General Guidelines for Sponsorships:

1.         Sponsorships must meet all of the General Guidelines for both Grants and Sponsorships.

2.         Sponsorships are awarded for on-going programs/projects, and are renewable.

3.         Sponsorships will seldom exceed $500.  Written justification by the Board is required if the $500 limit is exceeded.

4.         Sponsorships are intended to promote the cause of Rotary within the community and keep the name of the Club before the community.

5.         Sponsorships are intended to impact Castro Valley programs/projects.