President John Aufdermauer brought down the gavel at the Masonic Hall in Castro Valley, and asked Dwight Perry to lead us in the us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  
THOUGHT(s) FOR THE DAY – Bruce Johnson, in honor of our special guest, quoted Lee Cockerell (former Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort): “Being excellent is hard.  So when you have something hard to do, remember you are being excellent.  Do you want to be rememberer for being good or great?”
SINGING WITH CETA - “Happy Birthday Dear Randy” (Vanderbilt)
VISITORS - RotarAct President Alyse along with Mira, John Nunes, Ivan Cornelius (SL Rotary for 48 years) plus Kimberly Pact and Ray Arnott, both from SL Rotary!
HELLO SONG - Ben Gurule enlisted Luc Dochterman to join him in leading us with great enthusiasm
PRESENTATIONS OF GRANTS - One of the things we enjoy most at our Club is giving away money to deserving programs within our community!  Today’s .
UPDATE YOUR CLUB INFORMATION - SEE SECRETARY JIM NEGRI - Please email him any changes in your personal or contact information to "Jim Negri" <>, as soon as they occur . . . thanks
CLUB ATTENDANCE - Be sure to let our Club Secretary Jim Negri whenever you attend any meetings associated with our Club so that they can be properly recorded . . . he is standing by waiting . . .
The RotarAct of Central Alameda County WAS collecting 1000 toothbrushes for a ministry trip overseas in March . . . but Jim Negri brought 1000 by himself so now “our” goal is 2000 toothbrushes by March per our President John!  Please bring new toothbrushes to an upcoming Rotary Club Meeting!
If you really want to know, you have GOT to go to CV Rotarian Ken O’Donnell’s website: . . . Visit for any excuse but visit it . . . the video opening is worth the trip to . . .  
Please also visit often as Robert Sousa of the CV Forum posts some great video footage of Castro Valley events!   
Rotary 5170 District Conference, October 17, 2013 - More information at . . . CV Rotary will pay your way to attend, but if you register and are a no show, you will be billed double the registration fee per President John . . . see President John’s email for more information (he sent one just to you!).
The Sun Kings, October 19.  Remember the Beatles?  At the Castro Valley Center for the Arts.  Great Fun!
Home Stay Needed for Visiting Rotarians October 21-25, 2013.  We will have visitors from overseas visiting local Rotary clubs sharing opportunities for projects in their country.  If you are able to help with housing, please contact Dwight Perry.
4th Annual Santa Cruz Chili Cookoff on the Boardwalk. $9 each for tasking kits.  See Dr. Heidi for more information.
Memorial for Marty and Denali Schmidt, October 27.  Mathilde Schmidt invited all CV Rotarians to a memorial service for her precious son and grandson on October 27 at the Veteran’s Memorial at Castro Valley Community Center beginning at 11:00 A.M.    Marty and Denali were climbing K2 when an avalanche claimed their lives.
DECA Golf Tournament - November 1, 2013 at Willow Park and invited CV Rotary to support the tournament by sponsorships and by playing.
Coles Family Foundation Fundraiser - November 6, 2013 at the Center for the Arts in Castro Valley.  Magician from Las Vegas.  Tickets are $15 each.  Great for entire family.  For more information contact Bettie Coles at . . .
Tech Smart Workshop - November 9, 2013 - Fundraiser for Central Alameda County RotarAct Club - $10, 2-4 P.M. at San Leandro Library.    
$10    Dwight Perry - Hole in One!
$27    Dawn Ortiz - 27th Anniversary!
$100    Jerome Blaha - 42nd Anniversary!
$55    Randy Vanderbilt - Birthday!
$100    Jim Negri - Birthday plus Paul Harris!
$30    Kern Lewis - Bride’s and Son’s Birthdays!
$75    Christine Clement - Oops, missed this . . . let’s say, just for fun plus opening of her new location!
PAYING IT FORWARD                             
$10    Bruce Johnson - Honoring Alexis Stoy for being selected as Volunteer of the Year by Volunteer Hayward (Alexis is the President of RCHS InterAct and attending Camp RYLA in August 2013)
PROGRAM -    Our program today was one of the “All-Time Greats:” (Ceta’s Big Brother) Cliff Dochterman! 
Cliff Dochterman’s professional life included 40 years in higher education administration – 20 years each at the University of California in Berkeley and at the University of Pacific in Stockton, California
Most of us know him for his volunteer work for Rotary over the past 50 years.   He has served in almost every Rotary assignment in the world.  From Berkeley Rotary Club president (1963-64) [the Club's silver anniversary], to District 5160 Governor (1968-69), University Hills Club President (1971-72) [1971 Charter President, RC of University Hills, CO, D5450] to Rotary International Director (1983-85), R.I. Vice President (1984-85), President of Rotary International (1992-93), Trustee and Chairman of The Rotary Foundation (1993-99)  and chairman of virtually every Rotary committee.  It has been said that Cliff has spoken before more Rotary Clubs than anyone in the world. 
He is the author of the booklet, “The ABCs of Rotary”, which has been translated into more languages than any other Rotary publication.  He has had a lifetime association with the Boy Scouts of America and has received three of the organization’s highest honors – the Distinguished Eagle, Silver Antelope, and Silver Beaver.  Cliff served as Chairman of Rotary’s Council on Legislation in 2001.  He has received The Rotary Foundation’s Citation for Meritorious Service, the Distinguished Service Award and the Polio Plus Pioneer Award.
In l992-93 he became the world President of Rotary International.  He selected the theme, “Real Happiness Is Helping Others.”   Cliff has been honored by the heads of state of dozens of countries for spreading good will and world understanding.  
Whew!  And Ceta’s Big Brother still had time to visit us with a sensitive review of the past in Rotary, and update on the present of Rotary, and a tremendous challenge for the future.
All were overwhelmed but thankful for his presentation!
LOOKING FOR THE WHITE MARBLE - With $86 and 17 marbles, Ben Gurule reached into the sack of and won . . . $5!
UPCOMING PROGRAMS as of this printing . . . changes will be listed on the Castro Valley Rotary Website a