President John Aufdermauer brought down the gavel at the Masonic Hall in Castro Valley, and asked TJ Bailey to lead us in the us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

THOUGHT(s) FOR THE DAY – Bruce Johnson quoted Lee Cockerell (former Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort): "What should we be working on today which will not pay offfor many years, but if you don’t do it, you will later have big regrets."

SINGING WITH CETA - God Bless America rang through the hall . . .

VISITORS - Bettie Coles from Coles Foundation, Ray from the San Leandro Rotary Club and John Courtney

HELLO SONG - Ben Gurule led us with great talent


- Five members from the CVHS DECA Club made a presentation on their accomplishments from the past and goals for the future. They are having a golf tournament on November 1 at Willow Park and invited CV Rotary to support the tournament by sponsorships and by playing. Thanks for coming, Michele, Megan, Andrea, Anna and Amanda!


- Matching money from John’s Bride’s employee for the volunteer work she does and cookie sales, plus one from a friend, too!


UPDATE YOUR CLUB INFORMATION - SEE SECRETARY JIM NEGRI - Please email him any changes in your personal or contact information to "Jim Negri" <>, as soon as they occur . . . thanks

CLUB ATTENDANCE - Be sure to let our Club Secretary Jim Negri whenever you attend any meetings associated with our Club so that they can be properly recorded . . . he is standing by waiting . . .


Thank You Note from FESCO

- Steve Ontiveros shared with our Club: "We would like to express our appreciation for the generous donation made by Nick Whitaker of Castro Valley Rotary through Fuddruckers last week! 300 frozen hamburger patties were delivered by Fuddruckers on September 21st to benefit our families living at Banyan House. This generosity does not go unnoticed - a heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to Nick and our friends at Fuddruckers." (This was meat that was not sold at the Valley Blues Festival but resulted doing something very positive for FESCO, one of the organizations we support! Thanks, Steve, for sharing!).


The RotarAct of Central Alameda County

WAS collecting 1000 toothbrushes for a ministry trip overseas in March . . . but Jim Negri brought 1000 by himself so now "our" goal is 2000 toothbrushes by March per our President John! Please bring new toothbrushes to an upcoming Rotary Club Meeting!


If you really want to know, you have GOT to go to CV Rotarian Ken O’Donnell’s website: . . . Visit for any excuse but visit it . . . the video opening is worth the trip to . . .

Please also visit often as Robert Sousa of the CV Forum posts some great video footage of Castro Valley events!

"Fiesta Afloat" event Sunday October 6 to support Coaniquem

- see attached flyer - Sounds like a lot of fun for a great cause!

Rotary 5170 District Conference, October 17, 2013

- More information at . . . CV Rotary will pay your way to attend, but if you register and are a no show, you will be billed double the registration fee per President John . . .

Home Stay Needed for Visiting Rotarians October 21-25, 2013

. We will have visitors from overseas visiting local Rotary clubs sharing opportunities for projects in their country. If you are able to help with housing, please contact Dwight Perry.

Memorial for Marty and Denali Schmidt, October 27.

Mathilde Schmidt invited all CV Rotarians to a memorial service for her precious son and grandson on October 27 at the Veteran’s Memorial at Castro Valley Community Center beginning at 11:00 A.M. Marty and Denali were climbing K2 when an avalanche claimed their lives.

DECA Golf Tournament - November 1, 2013

at Willow Park and invited CV Rotary to support the tournament by sponsorships and by playing.

Coles Family Foundation Fundraiser - November 6, 2013

at the Center for the Arts in Castro Valley. Magician from Las Vegas. Tickets are $15 each. Great for entire family. For more information contact Bettie Coles at . . .

Tech Smart Workshop - November 9, 2013 - Fundraiser for Central Alameda County RotarAct Club

- $10, 2-4 P.M. at San Leandro Library.


$20 Bill Nott - hip doing great!

$19 Ken O’Donnell - 19th wedding anniversary (Robin is a saint per your Scribe)


$100 John Courtney - Contribution to Valley Blues Festival


- Our program today was Assemblymember Bill Quirk Update on California Assembly Actions during his first year in office. He was accompanied by one of his staff, Deborah Cox.

Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D) was elected in November 2012 to represent the 20th Assembly District, which consists of Hayward, Union City, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Ashland, Cherryland, Fairview, Sunol and North Fremont.

Before being elected to the Assembly, Quirk worked as a climate change scientist at NASA before beginning his career at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab, where he played a key role in the negotiations for the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Teaching physics at Columbia, Caltech and UC Davis as well as playing an active role in his children’s education helped Quirk formulate his lifelong interest in education.

Quirk has served as a leader for more than 30 years in many local organizations including the local PTA, Hayward Rotary, the Friends of the Library, the Hayward Library Commission, the Board of Communication Workers of America Local 9119, and the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency.

In 2004, Quirk won a seat on the Hayward City Council. While on the city council, Bill brought the same in-depth, analytical perspective to city decisions that he developed as a scientist. He worked with his colleagues to prioritize neighborhood safety, revitalize downtown by attracting a movie theatre, improve traffic in the Mission-Foothill corridor, and create more jobs and housing around South Hayward BART.

Assemblymember Quirk and his wife Laurel moved to the Hayward area in 1978 and have been married for 41 years. They raised two children who attended California public schools and the UC system.

Assemplymember Quirk shared that when the Assembly gets together that things move very quickly handling up to thirty billes in two hours. He stated that all the Assemblymembers must depend heavily on their staff for information as they are not individually authorities on all topics, although many are professional people who were part of boards or elected to other offices prior to being elected. He will participate in upwards to five thousand bills in two years, and hopes to remain in the Assembly for the entire twelve years he is eligible to serve.

He has five staff locally and four more in Sacramento. The Assembly meets from January to mid-September from Monday to Thursday from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. and is able to return home Friday through Sunday, and then he returns full-time to his area of service to meet with constituents, share at meetings like Rotary, and other people-related duties he sees as his responsibility in being available as much as possible.

Bill shared that both houses in Sacramento (Assembly and Senate) are two-thirds democratic and that about half the time the Republicans and Democrats agree. He believes that with the redistricting and no primaries that the proportions can change. He stressed that there were no professional politicians (unlike Washington, D.C.).

Assemblymember Quirk took questions and addressed concerns from the membership. He also had our own Jim Negri explain how funding in education will be done in the future (LCFF redistribution of funds based on students with specific needs - if you have any questions, ask Jim :-). We appreciate his availability and openness.


With $80 (I think) and 19 marbles, Bill Nott reached into the sack of and won . . . $5!

UPCOMING PROGRAMS as of this printing . . . changes will be listed on the Castro Valley Rotary Website