President John Aufdermauer brought down the gavel for the second time at our new meeting location at the Masonic Hall in Castro Valley, and asked Jim Phillips to lead us in the us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

THOUGHT(s) FOR THE DAY – Bruce Johnson, from President John F. Kennedy in recognition of our changing meeting location after more than three decades at Willow Park: "For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future."


SINGING FOR CETA - Dan Willits led us in "God Bless America" and it rang throughout the Masonic Hall.

VISITORS - Anthony Martore (UCLA Track athlete who is interning with James Phillips this summer), Terry Shelley (friend of Toby Nelson, today’s speaker)

HELLO SONG - Mr. Sal Tedesco, with great enthusiasm, led us through this grand old ditty!

PRESENTATIONS OF GRANTS - One of the things we enjoy most at our Club is giving away money to deserving programs within our community! Today’s organization(s) recognized: None today


Movie Night in Castro Village - Skyfall - 7:30 P.M.

(Last Movie Night of the Summer)

Reminder from Steve Ontiveros and Dan Willits:

Please join us for the next Valley Blues Committee Meeting Thursday September 12 at 5:30 pm at Direct Sales Floors on CV Blvd. Remember: Many hands make light work, so please join us and see what small way you can make a huge impact on this event. There's a sub-committee with your name on it! We have snacks and beverages at these meetings, and it's a great way to network with club members. It's not a huge commitment, take a look at the upcoming meeting schedule. And don't worry if you can't make all these meetings! Remaining Meeting Dates: Second Thursdays: 9/12 and 9/19. A call went out for ticket sales for beverages! Location: Direct Sales Floors 2973 CV Blvd. Time: 5:30pmValley Blues Festival: Saturday September 21, 2013 12-6pm Wrap-Up Meeting: Thursday, September 26, 2013 (Don Jose’s 6pm)


- None today!


- None today!


UPDATE YOUR CLUB INFORMATION - SEE SECRETARY JIM NEGRI - Please email him any changes in your personal or contact information to "Jim Negri" <>, as soon as they occur . . . thanks

CLUB ATTENDANCE - Be sure to let our Club Secretary Jim Negri whenever you attend any meetings associated with our Club so that they can be properly recorded . . . he is standing by waiting . . .



If you really want to know, you have GOT to go to CV Rotarian Ken O’Donnell’s . . . Visit for any excuse but visit it . . . the video opening is worth the trip . . .

Please also visit often as Robert Sousa of the CV Forum posts some great video footage of Castro Valley events!

Red Badger Rita Sablan shared that with CV Rotary’s help, her niece, Jennifer, made her $1800 goal in the upcoming Cancer Walk, and thanked everyone for their individual and collective support!


$62 Sal and Sylvia, his Bride, celebrated 62 years of wedded bliss!

$61 Bernie Kempton Birthday plus his 18-year-old son earned his first paycheck!


$15 Bruce Johnson in recognition of ($5) Randy Vanderbilt winning Longest Drive at CV Sports Foundation Golf Tournament plus recognition of ($5) Jim Negri and all he continues to do for all the children in CV plus ($5) Bruce starting his 40th year at Redwood Christian Schools with a Root Canal!

$20 Dwight Perry in recognition of Randy Vanderbilt’s efforts to get our CV Rotary sign up and visible!

PROGRAM - Our program today was Toby Nelson, "The Diaster Pastor."

Pastor Nelson has been an ordained Presbyterian minister for 39 years, and is currently Interim Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Hayward. He has served numerous churches as interim pastor, and loves to bless people with the Bible verse, "God is able!"

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a Master’s and Doctoral degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Toby’s forthcoming book, Confessions of a Disaster Pastor, explores the ethics displayed during disaster situations. Toby has been married to Judy for 43 years, and they have one son, Erik.

Toby’s work as a disaster pastor began when he was about a thousand feet away from the World Trade Center on 9/11. Toby is a chaplain to a federal disaster group that responds to high risk medical events. He was in the Super Dome during the Katrina Hurricane, and the day after the earthquake in Haiti.

Pastor shared his experiences in disaster areas, and his calling to go to dark places. He works on a DMAT - Disaster Medical Assistance Team.

He used a tremendous slide show to take us to places few have seen before during the aftermath of the attack on our Great Country on 9/11, and told many, many stories of individuals who were affected by the attack then and still are today.

One of the facts that he shared was that just before the first plane hit, the pilot slightly raised one wing so that one wing hit five floors above the targeted floor and the other wing hit five floors below taking out eleven floors. He also shared that for people in shock, never ask how they are feeling, but rather ask a fact question as that will give you a more accurate account of their mental state. He also shared that in disasters women will go back for their purse, while men return and endanger themselves by going back for their laptop.

He further shared that people of faith hurt like anyone else, but he witnessed those without faith had unconsolable pain. Pastor shared that he has witnessed that People of (Christian) Faith look at disaster through the Cross.

Toby showed pictures of what rescuers found at the bottom of the pit – a cross. He shared that although "evil took its best shot at us and hurt and killed, but at the bottom of the even you will find a cross - a symbol of Hope," and that when you find the Cross, you know where you are. The Cross, the source of multiple lawsuits by the ACLU and others, is not in the memorial at Ground Zero.

Thanks, Pastor. (You can find more about Pastor Toby Nelson at

LOOKING FOR THE WHITE MARBLE - With $37 and 24 marbles, Dwight Perry reached into the sack of and won . . . $5!

UPCOMING PROGRAMS as of this printing . . . changes will be listed on the Castro Valley Rotary Website a

Another Final Final Thank You: Our Club is so thankful that Al West led us to the Masonic Hall for our meetings! Thanks, Al!