Meeting Highlights of October 11, 2016

  • Blue Badge Member
  • Interact
  • Avenues of Service
  • Speaker:  Mike Godfrey on Prop 60/90
Blue Badge Member
President Carol presented John McPartland with his BLUE BADGE.  John was formerly a member of the Rotary Club of South Oakland.  His classification is elected official as a member of the BART Board of Directors for District #5.
President Carol showed a video clip of the District 5170 Interact Leadership Training Program at Independence High School, which she attended last week.  She was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the participants.  District 5170 Interact is the largest Interact in RI.  The Club is proud to support its high school students’ participation in Interact.  For more information on Interact, go to
Avenues of Service
President Carol circulated a sign-up for the District 5170 Avenues of Service Conference on Saturday, October 22, in San Jose.  Details are available at  Attendance at the Conference fulfills a Red Badge requirement and will count as a meeting make-up.  Join us on Saturday. 
Speaker:  Mike Godfrey on Prop 60/90
Monthly Speaker Chair Murline Monat introduced Mike Godfrey of CA Association of Realtors who presented views on Prop.60/90, which is being supported by the CA Association of Realtors. He presented the Pros and Cons of these Propositions and the developments in the legislature regarding future legislation.
Future Speakers
October 18:       Candidates for the CV Sanitary Board
October 25:       Candidates for the CVUSD School Board
Please register for these meetings through the online invitation that you received or by clicking on the meeting under Upcoming Events on the webpage.  Your registration will help us ensure sufficient seating and food for these informative presentations.