President Hafsa Burt called us to order welcoming and followed by John Aufdermauer leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

THOUGHT(s) FOR THE DAY – from Jim Negri: “If you want to conduct the orchestra, you have to turn your back to the crowd.”

 Rotary Club of Castro Valley
2012-13 Theme

President Hafsa has chosen Environmental Advocacy under Clean Up the World's Global Campaign as our Club Project / Theme for 2012-13

Be sure to check our calendar frequently for event information and update. E-Mail Steve Ontiveros if you have an event or committee meeting you'd like added to the calendar. 

Welcome & Introductions

Singing with Ceta


Hello Song 

First Song: “Happy Birthday to Kerrilyn” Second Song: “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”   (Consensus - we should have stopped after first song.) Wendy Ledbetter (Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce), Jackie Flynn (Eden Area YMCA), Chris and ErinPadavana (Eden Bicycles, Castro Village) Jeff Moore and Dan Willits led us with passion and great hand movements through a rousing rendition of The Hello Song.  (Would have made Mr. Tedesco proud!)

 Getting to Know Our Fellow Castro Valley Rotarians
Breda Supple

None Today


New Members

Blue Badgers

Red Badgers

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 Castro Valley Rotary in the Community
Important Upcoming Events

 Let's Go Fishing!
April 10th

Pancake Putt-Putt
April 20th 

 Save the date! Calling all Pancake eaters and Putt-Putters!  Please help make this event a special one! Contact Dr. Heidi to get involved

Castro Valley Sports Foundation Crab Feed at San Leandro Boys and Girls Club
April 13

tickets are $45 each with all profits going to the youth of Castro Valley . . . get your tickets from Randy Vanderbilt!

Tuesday, April 16

Sign up at the next meeting with Dwight Perry.  
Club will be DARK on April 16. 

Chili Cook-Off
May 10th

Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade
May 11th

The event, once again, will be the night before the parade.  Kern Lewis is the chair and encouraged everyone to sign up for what they would like to do as early as possible . . . all need to be involved . . . more information to follow!

Next Meeting: March 20th @ Noon @ Swiss Delices
The committee had their first meeting last week . . . the theme for the 2013 Parade is the 2012-13 Rotary International theme: Peace through Service.

Next Meeting: March 20th @ Noon @ Swiss Delices

 Regular Reminders & Announcements

 Eden Hospital Project Update

Jeff reported that everything is moving along great and that we will need some of us to volunteer over a three-day period to help complete the project... we are getting close!

 Access Your Club Information

Club Attendance 

Want to review and update your Member Information? Would you like access to the Club Directory? Need help accessing Club Runner?

Look no further. Click here for instructions on how to access Club Runner 

Be sure to let our Club Secretary Jim Negri know whenever you attend any meetings associated with our club. 

Need to make up a meeting? Click Here to search for a club nearby. 


Pay it Forward

$20 - Dan Willits (two-year anniversary of being a CV Rotarian!)
$20 - Bill Nott (celebrating Mexican teams joining the Robotics competition!)
$?? - Carol Wikle (celebrating her 40th anniversary with Rod by going away with her high school girl friends to San Luis Obispo

$10 - Mark Poniatowski honoring Kern Lewis for his vision and promotional skills in marketing
$10 - Kern Lewis matched Mark’s contribution! 


None Today 

Gary Howard

Today we were blessed with a tremendous program by Colonel (Retired) Gary Howard covering the Army Reserves, their history and how they are being used today during war or peace.  He covered every aspect imaginable regarding service to our Great Country alive, including the challenges facing the Army Reserve.


LOOKING FOR THE WHITE MARBLE:  $111 and 12 marbles - $5 won by Bernie Kempen!
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