President Hafsa Burt called us to order welcoming and followed by Kern Lewi leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

THOUGHT(s) FOR THE DAY – Bruce Johnson from Mark Twain:  Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear; not absence of fear.  Al West from Thomas A. Kida: “Don’t Always Believe What You Think” from his book  Don't Believe Everything You Think: The 6 Basic Mistakes We Make in Thinking, but the Thought got to Al through a bumper sticker!

 Rotary Club of Castro Valley
2012-13 Theme

President Hafsa has chosen Environmental Advocacy under Clean Up the World's Global Campaign as our Club Project / Theme for 2012-13

Be sure to check our calendar frequently for event information and update. E-Mail Mike Smith if you have an event or committee meeting you'd like added to the calendar. 

Welcome & Introductions

Singing with Ceta


Hello Song 

Kern Lewis (with a big assist from Dwight Perry) led us in a rousing rendition of God Bless America! Hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiian Rotariaaaaaaaan Tommmmmy Geeeee! Sal Tedesco led us through the Hello Song for Tommy with gusto!

 Getting to Know Our Fellow Castro Valley Rotarians
Breda Supple


Today we get Breda Supple, who came to the United States from Ireland in 1984.  She is a Lieutenant in the San Francisco Fire Department, lives in Hayward, plays on a co-ed soccer team (age level of league is none of our business) and plays Galic Football (and said if we really want to see what it is like to google it!).  Welcome, Breda!


New Members

Blue Badgers

Red Badgers

None Today None Today None Today

 Castro Valley Rotary in the Community
Important Upcoming Events

 Let's Go Fishing!
April 10th

Pancake Putt-Putt
April 20th 

 Save the date! Calling all Pancake eaters and Putt-Putters!  Organizational meeting, Tuesday, February 5 from 6-7 PM at Dr. Heidi’s office, 3203 Castro Valley Blvd, Castro Valley.

Chili Cook-Off
May 10th

Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade
May 11th

The event, once again, will be the night before the parade.  Kern Lewis is the chair and encouraged everyone to sign up for what they would like to do as early as possible . . . all need to be involved . . . more information to follow! The committee had their first meeting last week . . . the theme for the 2013 Parade is the 2012-13 Rotary International theme: Peace through Service.

 Regular Reminders & Announcements

 Eden Hospital Project Update

Jeff reported that everything is moving along great and that we will need some of us to volunteer over a three-day period to help complete the project... we are getting close!

 Access Your Club Information

Club Attendance 

Want to review and update your Member Information? Would you like access to the Club Directory? Need help accessing Club Runner?

Look no further. Click here for instructions on how to access Club Runner 
Be sure to let our Club Secretary Jim Negri know whenever you attend any meetings associated with our club. 


Pay it Forward

$40: Christine Clement - Trip to Indonesia $20: Cliff Sherwood honored Steve Ontiveros for his recognition as a Castro Valley Civic Leader (whatever that means) 


No announcements today

Mid-Year Club Assembly

President Hafsa did a great job introducing everyone and then we had a series of short reports.  Budget Update and Summary was presented by Treasurer Kevin Fortner. President Hafsa did a GREAT job keeping us on schedule and cramming as many reports as possible into the allotted time period! A summary follows:
Board Members
Club President - Hafsa Burt
Club Administration - John Aufdermauer
Rotary Foundation - Kern Lewis
Membership - Charles Mortimer
Public Relations - Steve Ontiveros
Service Projects - Jeff Moore
Treasurer - Kevin Fortner
Secretary - Jim Negri
Past President - Bill Nott
Strategic Planning - Cliff Sherwood and Dwight Perry

Avenues of Services
Vocational Service
Community Service
International Service
New Generations

Fund Raising
Valley Blues Festival
Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament
Pancake Putt-Putt
Chili Cook-off

Weekly Programs - Bernie Kempen
Club Website/Club Runner - Steve Ontiveros and Jim Negri
Attendance - Jim Negri
Fellowship Socials - Dr. Heidi
We Care - Ceta Dochterman and Michael Smith
Rotary University/Conventions - Bill Nott
COG Minutes - Bruce Johnson
Demotion Event - Bill Nott
Electronic Directory - Steve Ontiveros
Rotary Foundation (International/Community Service) - Kern Lewis
Program Participation/Foundation Giving - Dwight Perry
GSE - Christine Clement
Polio Plus - Cliff Sherwood
Future Vision - Ray Wallace and Carol Wikle
Membership (Club Service) - Charles Mortimer
Retention - Hafsa Burt
Orientation/Education - Dwight Perry
Public Relations (Club Service) - Steve Ontiveros
Media Relations (Forum/CV Patch)
Social Media
Club Runner for PR and E-Bulletin
Rotarian of the Month Article
Advertising and Marketing
Rotary Booth and Chambers Annual Mixer
Placemats and Website Ads
Rotary Forum Ad/Vocation of a Member
Outdoor Movie Night 
Service Projects (International/Community Service/New Generations)
Endowment - Al West
Education - Bruce Johnson
RYLA - Walt Schneider
RotarAct - Ray Wallace
District Speech Contest - Dawn Ortiz
Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade - Bill Nott
Outdoor Movie Nights - Hafsa Burt
Eden Hospital Landscaping Project - Jeff Moore
Let’s Go Fishing - Ben Gurule
Project Selection - John Aufdermauer
Children’s Christmas Party - Kerrilyn Ely

LOOKING FOR THE WHITE MARBLE:  $67 and 16 marbles - $5 won by Ray Wallace
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