Carol Wikle joined the Rotary Club of Castro Valley in 1994 and served as the 2016-2017 President.  Before she started her financial report on the Club's Endowment, Carol shared how much she has learned about Rotary International's commitment and follow-up through her involvement with and reporting to RI on the Breathing for Life Project (BFL).  
In terms of the Endowment, Carol shared that there are two funds:  (1) Scholarships for graduating seniors at Castro Valley High School and (2) International Projects, such as the Breathing for Life Project.  She reported that there is currently has $276,284 in the Endowment for scholarships.  Since December 2013 when Mirador Capitol Partners began overseeing the investments, there has been a cumulative rate of return of 111% with a 181% return on equities.  The investments are based on a distribution model (i.e., scholarships) rather than an accumulation, which has allowed the Club to distribute at least 5% of the funds annually for scholarship.  The financial markets have changed over time, Carol has employed an investment strategy that rotates with the market.