President Hafsa Burt called us to order welcoming and followed by Boy Shayler leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

THOUGHT(s) FOR THE DAY – Bruce Johnson from our 16th President Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is today and he would have been 204 years old): “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”

 Rotary Club of Castro Valley
2012-13 Theme

President Hafsa has chosen Environmental Advocacy under Clean Up the World's Global Campaign as our Club Project / Theme for 2012-13

Be sure to check our calendar frequently for event information and update. E-Mail Steve Ontiveros if you have an event or committee meeting you'd like added to the calendar. 

Welcome & Introductions

Singing with Ceta


Hello Song 

Let Me Call You Sweetheart (assisted by birthday buddies Leslie Rothwell and David Gehrke) San Leandro Rotarians Bob Duey and Jim Vilantes of San Leandro Rotary Club, and Pratap (Pat) Poddatoori (San Leandro Rotary Club and Area 2 Assistant Governor) and Obse Lubo! Sal Tedesco led us through a meticulous rendition of that all time favorite: The Hello Song.

 Getting to Know Our Fellow Castro Valley Rotarians
Breda Supple

David Gehrke shared the seven things he is passionate about, including worship (Neighborhood Church), family (Bride Marciela plus five children, including three adopted), service (Hosanna Homes and church), hobbies (snowboarding, scuba diving and a licensed pilot) and his work (owner of KMC Cleaners and Restoration).  He stressed his “Attitude of Gratitude” for his life during the good times and the not-so-good times.  Welcome, David!


New Members

Blue Badgers

Red Badgers

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 Castro Valley Rotary in the Community
Important Upcoming Events

After-Hours Networking Mixer
March 4th 5:30 pm

District 5170 Conference
March 21-24


 Let's Go Fishing!
April 10th

Pancake Putt-Putt
April 20th 

 Save the date! Calling all Pancake eaters and Putt-Putters!  Please help make this event a special one! Contact Dr. Heidi to get involved

Chili Cook-Off
May 10th

Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade
May 11th

The event, once again, will be the night before the parade.  Kern Lewis is the chair and encouraged everyone to sign up for what they would like to do as early as possible . . . all need to be involved . . . more information to follow! The committee had their first meeting last week . . . the theme for the 2013 Parade is the 2012-13 Rotary International theme: Peace through Service.

 Regular Reminders & Announcements

 Eden Hospital Project Update

Jeff reported that everything is moving along great and that we will need some of us to volunteer over a three-day period to help complete the project... we are getting close!

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Pay it Forward

None Today $59: Jim Negri recognized Bob Duey for his being a member of the Cal Bears Football Team the last time they went to the Rose Bowl and won in 1959! 


No announcements today

Traci Cross
Castro Valley Community Action Network (CVCAN)

Our speaker today was Traci Cross of the Castro Valley Community Action Network (CVCAN).  Traci addressed prescription drugs, their availability, destruction they cause if misused and proper disposal.Image

Established in 2003, the  Castro Valley Community Action Network (CVCAN!)  is a community based coalition that works to reduce substance abuse among youth and, over time, among adults by addressing the factors that increase the risk of substance abuse while promoting solutions that lead to a Drug-Free Community. The coalition is made up of CV youth, CV district & school officials, community businesses, treatment providers, health care professionals, youth serving organizations, law enforcement, government officials, state legislatures, faith based organizations and CV parents. Our funding comes from federal grants provided by The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). The coalition utilizes these funds to support the various strategies that we implement to reduce substance among our youth Castro Valley Community Action Network (CVCAN!) was established to reduce substance abuse among Castro Valley Youth by addressing the risk factors that lead to drug use and promoting solutions that will lead to a Drug-Free Castro Valley.

Our grass-roots coalition members have a strong and visible presence in our schools and our community through numerous activities that we sponsor and support. We regularly partner with the local Youth 2 Youth chapter at Castro Valley High School to bring our message to students in our community. Our website provides parents and teens with materials and information of how drugs are used, definitions of popular drugs, ways in which parents can tell if their children are using and more! Regardless of your child’s age, it’s never too soon to learn about the drugs that impact Castro Valley — and to learn about the ways you can make a stand against them, through education, treatment, and communication.

We encourage members of our community to get involved in our coalition. Please contact the Project Director, Traci Cross to learn how to get involved. Visit our Project Goals page to learn more about CVCAN! Tremendous presentation, Traci!  Thanks for all of YOUR work . . . for the Youth of CV

LOOKING FOR THE WHITE MARBLE:  $92 and 14 marbles - $5 won by Charles Mortimer!
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