President Dr. Heidi brought down the gavel for the eighth time of her Presidential Year at Don Jose’s in Castro Valley, and Leslie Rothwell was asked to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY - Bruce Johnson honoring Dr. Heidi: 
Q: What is another name for Dr. Heidi’s dentist office? 
A: A filling station 
TL Bailey also shared a Thought for the Day about Dolphins . . . could not find it on-line . . . BUT Dr. Heidi remembered some of it . . . something to do with “The dolphin did something ‘On Porpoise,’ but she forgot what!
SINGING WITH CETA - In honor of Bonnie Best’s service, we sang “My Bonnie Lay Over the Ocean . . .”
VISITORS - Gary Bosley introduced Aman, a student at CSUEB who comes to us from Gaza City, Palestine; and Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce and Dee Brown from Elite Wellness (next door to Dr. Heidi!)
SAL TEDESCO MEMORIAL HELLO SONG - Ben Gurule asked Dawn Ortiz to assist . . . and both delivered!
your personal or contact information to "Jim Negri" <>, as soon as they occur . . . thanks
CLUB ATTENDANCE - Be sure to let our Club Secretary Jim Negri whenever you attend any meetings
associated with our Club so that they can be properly recorded . . . let’s keep him informed!
Dr. Heidi announced that Bonnie Best was CV Rotarian of the Month due to her great work supporting every aspect of our Club, including the recent Fall Festival.  Well earned all present agreed!
Dr. Heidi thanked everyone for their work to make the Rotary booth such a great success in the Fall Festival (we have more than thirty possible leads for new members!)
Dr. Heidi read a Thank You Letter from Nangha Cuadros - Recipient of CV Rotary Sunrise Scholarship . . . she is a student at UC Santa Barbara.        
September 28 - Fall InterAct Conference in San Jose . . . CVHS and RCHS InterAct Clubs will be riding down by bus with Bonnie Best (who else?) on board!  See Bonnie for more information . . . 3000 InterActers all together . . . 
October 11 - Club Night Out - “John Lennon” brought to us by CV Foundation of the Arts
November 17 - Seniors Thanksgiving at Kenneth C. Aitken Center
December 19 - Children’s Christmas Party - Location for party is being sought at this time
REPEAT - Please make Secretary Jim Negri smile by paying your dues statement when you receive it . . . 
REPEAT - Avenue of Service - Oct 15, 2014 - Past President Hafsa encouraged all to attend.  Details available on
REPEAT - San Leandro Rotary Crab Feed - September 27 at San Leandro Boys Club - $85 per ticket
REPEAT - Chinese Rotary Club coming to Fremont as Silicon Valley Chinese Rotary Kick-off meeting is October 4!  See Dr. Heidi for details . . . all are invited and Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang will be present!    $50 per ticket . . . in Palo Alto!
REPEAT - Octoberfest - October 12 - Moose lodge - $20 per person - Evening includes German music, dancing, German dinner . . . 4:00 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M. with Dinner at 6:00 P.M.   See Mathilde Schmidt for details and tickets  
For some of the absolute best pictures of our activities, please thank Gary Bosley for his hard work as he has captured many of our events for us.  
•    The FESCO pix are at . . . 
•    The chilicook off shots are at . . . 
•    The Eden photos are at . . . 
the great thing is that no special access is required on either site -- people just go to the URL (or cut and paste them in in search box) and click on one of the small photos.  The photos enlarge.  Thanks, Gary!
Please also visit often as Robert Sousa of the CV Forum posts some
great video footage of Castro Valley events!
Also, please remember to visit as this websites that we maintain and are packed with information and lots of pictures
$100    Jerome Blaha (and Melanie) 43rd Wedding Anniversary/Recognition for all the work for the Club BBQ
$10    Bruce Johnson recognized Bill Mulgrew for a tremendous Fall Festival “Back to the Boulevard”        
$10    Bill Nott for RCS producing brochures for Abse Lubo plus Bonnie for work on Fall Festival
$20    Heidi for Bonnie Best and the great job she did on Fall Festival
PROGRAM - Our eleventh program of President Dr. Heidi’s year was introduced by September Program Chair Bonnie Best on September’s theme of Youth Services Month:  Warren Fung - Rotaract.  Warren is the President of Rotaract Club of Central Alameda County and brought us all up to date on Rotaract, assisted by Cindy Lieu, Service Director.
Warren and Cindy shared a lot of information on the history and current activities of the Rotaract Club of Central Alameda County.  They are committed to giving back to the community, enjoy socials, like having fun, desire networking and “just a group of young professionals” and more.  Recently they have been involved with the San Leandro Art Association Festival, had conversations/language games with Taiwanese kids, worked with a FIT group from Japan, worked in the All Saint’s Church Food Pantry and served at the Wu Sung 3rd Annual New England Clambake (Oakland China Town).   Their goals by June 30 include increasing growth of the Club by ten, raise $5000, do a meaningful international project, and host their own Club fundraiser event!
Rotaract Club of Central Alameda County is seeking from local Rotary clubs: mentorship, interclub projects (community service fundraisers/socials) and networking.  Warren suggested that CV Rotary to assist them greatly by including them in fundraisers, helping with venues and helping them find an international project.
Warren’s email is . . .

LOOKING FOR THE MOLAR WITH THE GOLD GLITTER FILLING DONE “JUST FOR US” BY DR. HEIDI - Ben cleaned us out last week so with the $20 and 20 molars in the bag, Warren Fung reached into the ticket container and pulled out John Aufdermauer’s ticket.  Then John reached into the bag searching for the white molar free from decay with golden sprinkles and won . . . $5!  Had John pulled out a decayed tooth, he would have had to pay $5.00!
Upcoming meetings:
Sep 23, 2014    RYLA Campers - Camp RYLA 2014
Sep 30, 2014    Jennifer Pletcher, Castro Valley Education Foundation
Jan 13, 2015    Club Speech Contest, Club Speech Contest
Feb 03, 2015    Larry Jacobson - Award Winning Author: Navigating Leadership for Entrepreneurs
Feb 10, 2015    Galin Luk - Marine (there are no former or retired Marines) & Litigation Attorney - Marin training and "poetic" court room cases
Feb 17, 2015    Allart Ligtenberg - Los Altos Rotary - Water, Health, Hunger & Solar
Speaker Chairs and Monthly Themes:
September:      Bonnie Best, Youth Services Month
October:     Chris Appleton, Vocational Service Month
November:     Mark Poniatowski, Rotary Foundation Month
December:     Bill Nott,  Family of Rotary Month
January:    Dwight Perry,  Rotary Awareness Month
February:      Hafsa Burt,  World Understanding Month
March:      Jim Negri,  Literacy Month
April:          Cliff Sherwood,  Magazine Month
May:          Randy Vanderbilt,  Community Service Month
June:          Bernie Kempen:  Rotary Fellowship Month
Sep 20        Rotary Day at the A’s!
Oct 15        Avenues of Service - Save the Date (Blue Badge requirement for Red Badgers)
Nov 17        Thanksgiving Luncheon for Seniors!  Save the Date!