THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - From Bonnie: Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and Today is a Gift - that’s why we call it the Present!
SINGING WITH CETA - “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!”
VISITORS - Margie Ramos, Jen Tibbetts, Janice Friesen, and Hal Fremming.
SAL TEDESCO MEMORIAL HELLO SONG - The Dynamic Duo of Ben Gurule and Dan Willits rocked the house!
PRESENTATIONS OF GRANTS - One of the things we enjoy most at our Club is giving away money to
deserving programs within our community! Today’s organization(s) recognized: None today
GETTING TO KNOW OUR FELLOW CV ROTARIANS - (It is vocational service month) - Carol Wikle did a Vocational talk today and did a great job!!  It was TERRIFIC to hear her story! Carol Wikle - 16 years in Financial Services!  (Dr. Heidi: I am SOOOOOO proud of you, Carol!!)
(Per our President, we will be Brush up on your Rotary knowledge, Fill a need in Community and International Service, Drill Down deep in your heart for Peace in the World and many more that your Scribe failed to record!)
ROTARY INTERNATIONAL’S THEME FOR THE YEAR:  "LIGHT UP ROTARY" (Think Chinese Lantern as Incoming International President Gary Huang is Chinese from Taiwan)
UPDATE YOUR CLUB INFORMATION - SEE SECRETARY JIM NEGRI - Please email him any changes in your personal or contact information to "Jim Negri" <>, as soon as they occur . . . thanks
CLUB ATTENDANCE - Be sure to let our Club Secretary Jim Negri whenever you attend any meetings associated with our Club so that they can be properly recorded . . . let’s keep him informed! CRAZY DR. HEIDI PLAYED TOOTH FAIRY TODAY... ONLY TODAY, SHE GAVE YOU A TOOTH WHEN YOU MADE THE DONATION! THE TEETH HAD FORTUNES INSIDE (SOME MEMBERS WON LIGHT UP ROTARY FLASHLIGHTS)... AND, YOU GOT AN "END POLIO NOW" PIN...   THIS "MOOLAH FOR MOLARS" PROGRAM BENEFITED POLIO PLUS..... TODAY, WE RAISED $160 FOR POLIO.....  if you missed it today, we will do it some more this month.... new prizes inside the teeth.... minimum donation $5 .... so MOOLAH FOR MOLARS, MOLARS FOR POLIO!!! 
Contact Bonnie Best for CV Rotary Website training!
October 11 - Parenting Conference at CV Adult School 8:00am-12:30pm
Double Sustainer Reminder by Dwight Perry - please bring your commitment and checks to the next meeting.
Amazon Smile Program for the Rotary Foundation was shared by Al and Dan.
December 6 - Club Christmas Party by Kern Lewis - 6:00 P.M.  Price to follow.  AT DR. HEIDI'S HOUSE!!!!
REPEAT - Please make Secretary Jim Negri smile by paying your dues statement when you receive it . . . 
REPEAT - October 11 - Club Night Out - “John Lennon” brought to us by CV Foundation of the Arts.  TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE AT THE BOX OFFICE OR CV ARTS FOUNDATION WEBSITE
REPEAT - Octoberfest - October 12 - Moose lodge - THIS IS A SELL OUT!!!  NO TICKETS LEFT!!!  $20 per person - Evening includes German music, dancing, German dinner . . . 4:00 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M. with Dinner at 6:00 P.M.   See Mathilde Schmidt for details and tickets . . . UPDATE: THIS IS A SELL OUT!!!  NO TICKETS LEFT!!!
REPEAT - Avenue of Service - Oct 15, 2014 - Past President Hafsa encouraged all to attend.  Details available on    UPDATE: Nine (9) CV Rotarians registered so far - Contact Bonnie Best to register!  DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS OCTOBER 11
REPEAT - November 14 - Dynamic Dinner benefitting CV Education Foundation - 6 P.M. - save the date - more information to follow
REPEAT - November 17 - Seniors Thanksgiving at Kenneth C. Aitken Center.  SIGN UP DISTRIBUTED.  EMAIL DR HEIDI IF YOU CAN HELP OUT!
REPEAT - December 9 - Children’s Christmas Party - UPDATE: CVUSD Adult School was made available to CV Rotary for this wonderful event at no charge (thank you!) . . . the committee had a short meeting afterwards and assignments were given . . .         
REPEAT - April 11 - Pancake Putt Putt - save the date - more information to follow . . .
For some of the absolute best pictures of our activities, please thank Gary Bosley for his hard work as he has captured many of our events for us.  
•    The FESCO pix are at . . . 
•    The chilicook off shots are at . . . 
•    The Eden photos are at . . . 
the great thing is that no special access is required on either site -- people just go to the URL (or cut and paste them in in search box) and click on one of the small photos.  The photos enlarge.  Thanks, Gary!
Please also visit often as Robert Sousa of the CV Forum posts some
great video footage of Castro Valley events!  In case you missed the big Chili Cook Off or Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade, Robert has posted about five minutes of video coverage of the weekend's events.  Go now to . . . 
Also, please remember to visit often and also as these websites that we maintain and are packed with information and lots of pictures
$100    Mathilde Schmidt acknowledging and thanked all for their support of Octoberfest 
PROGRAM - Our fourteenth program of President Dr. Heidi’s year was introduced by October’s Program Chair for Vocational Service Month, Chris Appleton.  Jennifer Koney, Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Ctr: What? Sharks in my Backyard?--Local Impacts of Sea Level Rise.  Jennifer stated that the sea level is scheduled to rise 55 inches by 2100 which will create salinity intrusion and flooding.  Methods on how to respond were shared. 
She recommended the website and the book “Global Wierdness, How Bad are Bananas?”  
LOOKING FOR THE MOLAR WITH THE GOLD GLITTER FILLING DONE “JUST FOR US” BY DR. HEIDI - Jennifer reached into the ticket container and pulled out Mark Poniatowski’s ticket, who then had a chance to win $156 with 17 marbles in the bag.  Then Mark reached into the bag searching for the white molar free from decay with golden sprinkles and pulled out a good tooth! And promptly gave it to Dr. Heidi for Polio Plus!
Upcoming meetings:
Oct 14, 2014    JB Walker, Franklin Templeton, Capital Markets and Interest Rates, What you need to know.
Oct 21, 2014    Partners in Rotary Service, How Rotary Changes Lives around the World
Nov 04, 2014    Sheriff, Greg Ahern, Crime in Castro Valley
Nov 18, 2014    Frank Mellon, EBMUD Director, California's Drought
Jan 06, 2015    Club Assembly, Club Assembly
Jan 13, 2015    Club Speech Contest, Club Speech Contest
Feb 03, 2015    Larry Jacobson - Award Winning Author: Navigating Leadership for Entrepreneurs
Feb 10, 2015    Galin Luk - Marine (there are no former or retired Marines) & Litigation Attorney - Marin training and "poetic" court room cases
Feb 17, 2015    Allart Ligtenberg - Los Altos Rotary - Water, Health, Hunger & Solar
See more at:

Speaker Chairs and Monthly Themes:
September:      Bonnie Best, Youth Services Month
October:     Chris Appleton, Vocational Service Month
November:     Mark Poniatowski, Rotary Foundation Month
December:     Bill Nott,  Family of Rotary Month
January:    Dwight Perry,  Rotary Awareness Month
February:      Hafsa Burt,  World Understanding Month
March:      Jim Negri,  Literacy Month
April:          Cliff Sherwood,  Magazine Month
May:          Randy Vanderbilt,  Community Service Month
June:          Bernie Kempen:  Rotary Fellowship Month
See more at:
Oct 15        Avenues of Service - Save the Date (Blue Badge requirement for Red Badgers)
Nov 17        Thanksgiving Luncheon for Seniors!  Save the Date!