President Hafsa Burt called us to order at her fourth lunch meeting as our President welcoming those present followed by Past President Bill Nott leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

THOUGHT(s) FOR THE DAY – Mark Poniatowski took the opportunity to be thankful for all of the good friends he has in the Castro Valley Rotary Club (Back at ya, Mark!)
VISITORS - Terry Bailey of Edward Jones; Dave Knudsen of Ice Creamery; Gordon Sanderson of State Farm; Randy Dutra, artist; and Rosalee Owling, friend of Mathilde Schmidt.

HELLO SONG – Luc (son of Ceta) Dochterman was magnificent!

Bob Crossett had hip replacement surgery on Sunday, August 19, and is doing great . . . now at Baywood recovering and looks forward to returning to CV Rotary soon!  Please keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers.

Charles announced our recent e-vent resulted in 5700 lbs of CRTs resulting in $1,070.24 being raised!  Thanks, Charles!

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KJ announced that FESCO, one of our local service projects, has lost its storage space.  They are in need of whatever storage space can be donated or secured for a bargain amount.  Please share the need with others.  The need is immediate . . . great service project!

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AVENUES OF SERVICE - October 25th, 2012 5-9 pm - Double Tree Hotel 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose

$50    Cliff Sherwood - celebrating 44 years of wedded bliss!
$30    Mark Poniatowski - celebrating 29 years of wedded bliss!


Our program today was Marty Schmidt, a Mountaineer, and CV Rotarian Mathilde Schmidt’s son!  By all the comments heard during and after the meeting, this was one of the finest presentations ever presented at CV Rotary!  One could feel the adrenalin pumping throughout the room!
Marty was introduced to the outdoors when he was six, by his parents who immigrated to California from Poland and Germany in 1950 and 1952.   His parents would take the family for backpacking and tramping trips to California's Sierra Nevada Mountains.
"I am the only one who took this calling and continued into the higher realm [of climbing], but it was the start that counted the most, getting the chance." 

Marty started technical rock climbing when he was 12, scaling Indian Rocks, Mount Diablo, and leading into Yosemite Valley and the Big Walls. "Once I started the technical moves on the vertical walls of Yosemite I knew my calling was to be in the mountains forever. I learned from this early age to train, eat right, live simply in vans and to climb hard." 
Schmidt taught himself how to become a mountain guide in the 1970s. "What it meant to be a guide for me was to get my clients to feel the rock and ice, the edges of our toes, finger tips and skis, to have the best attitude and to really want to be in the mountains. I was 15-years-old and taking people into the hills, into another realm of living; every client grows while in the mountains and this is what it is all about." 
Image Image  
Marty's love of the outdoors continued into adulthood, with him working as a United States Air Force para-rescueman from 1981 to 1985. He says his climbing and guiding experience equipped him well for the profession. 

"We did it all, from rescuing downed air crew members in places like Guam, Philippines, Iceland to saving the lives of climbers on Denali and fishermen, hunters all around Alaska. All my climbing and guiding . . . prepared me for what these five years had to offer."

Marty's climbing record is second to none having climbed Aoraki/Mount Cook twenty-six times, Mt Tasman seven times and Mt Aspiring sixteen times!  Plus thirty-four ascents of Aconcagua via six various routes; twenty-eight ascents of Denali using six routes, including the Cassin and two new routes; Mt Foraker five times; Mt Hunter three times plus six ascents of Cho Oyu, including holding the world speed record of ten hours, forty-five minutes and a thirteen hour one day climb with a ski descent from the summit to the end of the snow at camp and so much more!  We will all tired just listening to what he had done . . . 

Marty shared that until the 1990's, Mt Everest was closed to novice climbers.  All of that changed in 1995 and contributed to the tragedy of 1996, when many climbers were lost, including the lead guide, who failed to do what he knew was the right thing to do by continuing the ascent despite missing the climbing window and pushing ahead to the peak.  This is something Marty refused to do.
Image Image Image
Marty took all present on a very exciting journey up Mount Everest in 2012 . . . and we all learned that to “climb” Mount Everest is an 8-10 week event that is done in multiple stages . . . and, if you are with Marty, safety and everyone's well-being is even more important than conquering the mountain!
Simply a tremendous presentation!  Thanks, Marty, and your "product placement" spotlighting your sponsors!

THE HUNT FOR THE WHITE MARBLE!  With  $61 and 16 marbles in the bag, and Bill Nott pulled out a brown marble was drawn resulting in a $5 payout.  Congrats!