Considerations for Consumers & Businesses in the Face of Significant Inflation in the Economy - Bryce Sonsteng
Bryce Sonsteng is a Research Analyst at Mirador Capital Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor in Pleasanton, who researches economic cycles, macro-economic risks, and public software companies.  Additionally, Bryce serves as an Investment Analyst at Tri-Valley Ventures, an early-stage venture fund focused on software, life sciences and deep tech companies.   
Using detailed graphs and charts, Bryce started with an explanation of Modern Monetary Theory and moved on to review interest rates and addressed “synthetic movement of the bond market” relative to world-wide inflation, the rises and falls in inflations, and its correlation with changes in the CPI changes.  Bryce emphasized now is not the time to buy debt, but to stay invested or stay the course with current investments.
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