Castro Valley resident Rick Kelly has been writing a history of Castro Valley, Mapping the Evolution of Castro Valley - Rancho to Ranch Homes. His presentation traced the history of Castro Valley from the original land grant to the present day by focusing on how the property where he now lives has been transformed through property sales, inheritances, squatters, and sub-divisions.
Castro Valley resident Rick Kelly has been writing a history of Castro Valley, Mapping the Evolution of Castro Valley - Rancho to Ranch Homes.  His presentation traced the history of Castro Valley from the original land grant to the present day by focusing on how the property where he now lives has been transformed through property sales, inheritances, squatters, and sub-divisions. 
Along the way, Rick shared the incredible and fascinating history of the community, the founding fathers and mothers, important community leaders as well as correcting historical misinformation (i.e., the first school in Castro Valley was not located at the site of the currently Redwood Christian School and District Office.)  He also shared that the real estate agreements over the years prohibited people of color from purchasing homes in Castro Valley.  While the provision is now illegal and unenforceable, it still exists in some contract. 
Rick's presentation was only a small part of Castro Valley history,the history of Rick's history of Castro Valley was engaging.  We can't wait for the next chapter.
Since Rick's presentation was full of historical details, watching the presentation here is the best option to learn more about Castro Valley's rich history.  His slide presentation is also available here.
Focus on Local Business:  Minute Man Press
Sam Falk, Owner
Rotarian Gary Bosley has been coordinating a series of presentations by local businesses to inform members about the business environment in and around Castro Valley.  Today's speaker was Sam Falk who has owned Minuteman Press for six years.  While located in Hayward, Minuteman Press is conveniently located for Castro Valley residents and businesses.  In his presentation, Sam reviewed the personalized services that Minuteman Press provides. 
  • The Club welcomed Chris Carr as its newest with Membership Chair Carl Bigelow handling the induction ceremony and Sponsor Todd Anglin adding a few kind words about Chris.  Chris is a Loan Officer for Lasalle Mortgage Services in Oakland and he has been active in the local Realtor Group that meets in Castro Valley.  Chris was the driving force behind placing banners on Castro Valley Blvd. in May and June to honor the students at all schools in Castro Valley.  Rotary was pleased to partner with Chris on this project.  Chris has been of member of the Elks Club in both San Francisco and Alameda so understands what Service Above Self means. Be sure to introduce yourself to Chris whenever you have a chance.
  • President-Elect Murline Monat provided an update on the last meeting of the Racial Discrimination Forum.  The next meeting via Zoom is scheduled for 6:00 pm on August 26.
  • Carol Bigelow and Gary Howard provided an update on the ekoskelton project with Eden Medical Center.  Due to Rotary fundraising efforts, Eden was able to purchase the equipment much earlier than expected.  Eden Medical Center will be making a presentation to the Club in September.
  • President Gary Howard members for making the Student Backpack Project as great success once again.  Special thanks to Super Buyer Dr. Heidi Hausauer, Dan Willits for providing the assembly location and Rotarians Parvin Admadi, Lance Brede, Todd Anglin and Pam Tavani for their efforts
  • Castro Valley Sports Foundation (CVSF) and Rowell Ranch Rodeo have canceled their golf tournament.  Refunds are being process.  Cliff Sherwood and Bruce Johnson thanked members for their support.
  • In Progress - iPad Project for Castro Valley Nursing Homes.  Contact Todd Anglin for information.  Click here for more details and how to donate.
Upcoming Meeting/Events
  • Members are requested to register for lunch meeting on ClubRunner under Upcoming Events.
  • The Zoom link to access the the lunch meeting is always:
August 25 - Online lunch meeting via Zoom at 12:00 p.m.
  • Speaker:  Mark Friedman, Executive Director Eden Health District
  • Topic:  Update on and Future of the Eden Health District 
August 26 - Racial Discrimination Forum via Zoom at 6:00 pm.
  • Contact Mark Poniatowski for details
September 1 - Lunch Meeting via Zoom at 12:00 pm
  • Speaker - Abe Hejela, Capitol Advisors
  • Topic:  California School Finances
September 8 - Lunch Meeting via Zoom at 12:00 pm
  • Speaker - Bill Clarkson, Mayor City of San Ramon
  • Topic:  What's New in San Ramon
September 15 - Special Board Meeting via Zoom at 11:00 am
  • Meeting with District 5170 Governor Gregg Guisiana
  • Watch for an email with details.
  • All members invited to attend.
  • Zoom link to access the meeting:
September 15 - Lunch Meeting via Zoom
  • Speaker:  District 5170 Governor's Gregg  Visit at Lunch
  • Special Board meeting prior to lunch.  Watch for details.
  • Click here for details about District 5170.
September 16 - Board Meeting via Zoom at 6:00 pm.
  • President Gary Howard will send out details.
  • All members, especially Red Badgers are invited to attend.
September 22 - Lunch Meeting via Zoom at 12:00 pm
  • Speaker - Erica Walker, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, Boston University
  • Topic:  Noise Pollution
September 29 - No Lunch Meeting
September 29 - Virtual Cheese Tasting 
  • Aaron Lewis is coordinating this upcoming Club event.
  • Watch for web page and email for details.