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Thurgood Marshall Regional Park
Home of the Port Chicago 50
Brian Holt, Chief of Planning, Trails & GIS
East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD)
In a very concise, yet very informative historical presentation, Brian Holt provided a history of the Port Chicago site as a naval base, the history of the Port Chicago 50 (e.g., the explosion, the refusal to load ships, the court martial, the involvement of Thurgood Marshall), the transition of the naval base to a park and the recent naming of the park to honor both Thurgood Marshall and the Port Chicago 50.  Brian also shared details of the park's development and naming as well as the vision for the park. 
Watch the video of Brian's presentation to learn the history of Port Chicago Naval, the Port Chicago 50, and the creation of Thurgood Marshall Regional Park Home of the Port Chicago 50.  The Club's Racial Discrimination Forum submitted a letter to the East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors supporting the naming of the park.
Jennifer Mann, Manager 
Amphora Nuevo Olive Oil 
Castro Valley Marketplace
Jennifer Mann provided an excellent overview of what makes a high-quality olive oil and the many used for it.  Amphora Nuevo sells many different types of olive oil as well as parings with balsamic vinegars.  One of the interesting facts that she shared is in taste tests, most Americans preferred rancid olive oil because that is what they have tasted it their entire life rarely tasting high-quality olive oil.  
Jennifer provides several samples and explained how to taste the olive oil.  (See the photos below.) Watch the video to see her explanations and tasting tips.  More importantly, stop by Amphora Nuevo in the Castro Valley Marketplace to purchase your olive oil.
Rotary District 5170
Wheel Chair Project for Mexico
Carol Bigelow & President Dwight Perry
If you attended the Demotion of President Gary Howard in June, you heard District Governor Richard Flanders describe his vision for another Wheelchair Project for Mexico during the coming year.  When President Dwight and Carol attended the District Conference in July, DG Flanders elaborated on his vision for the project.  Today, Carol and Dwight emotionally shared the importance of the project and some details regarding the anticipated trip to Mexico.
Each chair costs $150 dollars and a team of Rotarians go to Mexico to assembly and distribute the wheelchair to individuals who currently have no mobility. Membership Chair Ceta Dochterman participated in the last District 5170 Wheelchair Project trip to Mexico.  Details regarding donations and participation will be available soon.
Support for Former Rotary International Exchange Students from Afghanistan 
Ten years ago, the Rotary Clubs of Castro Valley and Hayward hosted two Rotary International Exchange Students from Afghanistan.  Both students and their families have been severely impacted by the upheavals in the Afghanistan.  Bob Shayler and Bruce Johnson who have remained in contact with both students shared information from the students and their pleas for help.  Click here to read a brief history of the students and their current situation.
Click here to read the letter that Bruce Johnson read at the meeting and please take the time to watch the video.  Then do whatever you can to spread the word and assist. 
Carol Bigelow discussing the Wheelchair Project.
Scenes from a hybrid meeting.  Volunteers are always welcome to assist the Tech Committee with setup and production.
Newest Club member and Technology Committee Chair Andi Hangea sets up.  Volunteers welcome.
August 24 at 12:00 - East Bay Regional Park District Healthy Parks Health People (HPHP), ParkRx, and Digital Learning Programs
Mona Koh, EBRPD Community Relations Manager and EBRPD Naturalist Morgan Guenther
August 26 at 6:00-7:30 pm - Board of Directors Meeting
Direct Sales Floors
August 31 at 12:00 pm - East Bay Regional Parks District Board
Dennis Waespi, EBRPD Board of Directors, Ward 3 (includes Castro Valley)
September 7 at 12:00 pm - Critical Race Theory
Tyson Amir, Author, Founder/Director of the Black Literary Collective and the revolutionary education firm Freedom Soul Media Education Initiatives
September 14 at 12:00 pm - Update on the Castro Valley Marketplace & Other Projects in Castro Valley
Craig Semmelmeyer, Founder and Principal of Main Street Property Services, Inc.
September 21 - No Lunch Meeting
September 21 - Castro Valley Restaurant Walk (6:00-8:00 pm)
Watch for details.
September 28 - No Lunch Meeting
September 28 - Club BBQ (5:00-8:00 pm)
Members and Invited Guests - Watch for details
Russell Hampton
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Rotary Club of Castro Valley
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Founded 1953
Dwight Perry, President