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My Career as a Pilot on San Francisco Bay
Steve McLaughlin
In an engaging presentation, Steve McLaughlin described his career and experiences as a pilot on San Franciso Bay.  He began by providing the history, purpose, and work of the San Francisco Bar Pilots, which the California Legislature established in 1850.  Steve noted that 7,000+ ships per year enter the 200+ berths in 20 ports on San Francisco Bay that range inland to Sacramento and includes Monterey Bay with Oakland being the main container port. Most of the ships are foreign-owned and have foreign crews, which makes the work of the bar pilot even more important.  Steve noted that fog and rough seas are the greatest challenges for a pilot as well as narrow waterways given the size of today's ships.
After a brief, formal presentation, Steve devoted most of the presentation to answering questions that allowed him to elaborate on his experiences.  Be sure to watch the video and click here to learn more about the San Francisco Bar Pilots.
The Majesty and Kindness of Horses
Elizabeth Crocker

Since both the Rodeo Parade and Rowell Ranch Rodeo were canceled this year, Gary Bosley thoughtfully scheduled a presentation about horses.

Elizabeth Crocker is a very passionate horse woman who has been associated with horses since age 4, first in America where she spent her summers on her grandmother’s Texas ranch learning the ropes (literally) with quarter horses. Moving on from competing in Western riding (the oldest form of riding in the US and now popular in the UK), she became a successful 3-day eventer, and later a successful show jumper while working full time as a registered nurse, and later as a healthcare business entrepreneur.

Elizabeth moved to England in 2000, a few months after marrying her British husband, Mark. She continues her international healthcare business career, and her passion for horses. 
In her presentation, Elizabeth noted that equestrian competition has been part on the Olympics since 1900 and is the only sport in which women and men compete on equal terms.  She also focused on the differences between the US and UK as well organizations such as Horse for Heroes.
  • Chris Carr shared that the Restaurant Walk that the Club has taken over from the Lions Club is tentatively scheduled for August 17th.  Chris and Aaron Lewis are chairing the event.  Watch for details.
  • Chris Carr updated the Club on the program that Lance Brede and he are chairing to provide vocational speakers for Eden Area ROP classes.  Watch for an email on how to volunteer to be a guest speaker for ROP students.
  • Chris Carr reported that the graduation/promotion flags for all schools in Castro Valley will be repeated.  Watch for an email on how you can assist in putting up the flags.
  • Dave Sadoff provided an update on the Car Show that the Club will be hosting on October 2.  Click here for more information.  This event is an all-hands-on deck event for Club members.
  •  Dwight Perry thanked everyone who stepped up to serve as a Monthly Speaker Chair.  Jim Negri will be sending the Chairs the SOP.
  • Watch the Announcements here.
May 25 at 12:00 pm - Growing Walnuts
Henry Gilbert, Gilbert Orchard Shop in Wheatland, CA
June 1 at 12:00 pm - The State of the Economy
David Wissinger, Mechanics Bank
June 8 at 12:00 pm - Project Ice Cube
Scientists live at the South Pole
June 15 at 12:00 pm - TBD
June 22 at 12:00 pm - Annual Report to the Club
President Gary Howard
June 29 at 5:00 pm - Presidential Demotion
Redwood Canyon Golf Course
Watch for details
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