Julie Menack, Owner of Fiduciary Services and Life Care Management, was the speaker of the day. She discussed how the country is being hit by an Age Wave and the impact that it is having. Almost 10,000 people per day are turning 65 years and this trend is likely to continue over the next 20 years. Nearly 70% of the individuals over the age of 65 will become cognitively unable to complete at least two "activities of daily living" including dressing, bathing, or eating at some point in their lives and over 50% of people over age 85 will have some form of dementia.  All these individuals are going to need some help in managing their affairs as they get older, less mobile, and less lucid. Some fortunate ones can depend on their children or other relatives who live nearby and can take on the additional responsibility of managing their affairs. Most others will have to look for help from other sources (e.g., government programs such as Medicare and  MediCal; subsidized housing;, County Area Agency on Aging;, Meals on Wheels;, paratransit; nonprofits such as Senior Information and Assistance, Senior Centers, faith communities, diagnosis- based organizations such as Alzheimer’s Association and Parkinson’s Foundation; free services such as placement services; fee-based services such as Aging Life Care Professionals, Independent and Assisted Living Facilities, CA Licensed Private Professionals and Fiduciaries, Adult Day/ Health Programs and many others.