Jo A.S. Loss and Janice Friesen The League of Women Voters of the Eden Area (LWVEA) LWVEA representatives Jo A.S. Loss and Janice Friesen, dressed in period attire (check out the video) shared the long and arduous journey on how women won the right to vote with the passage of the 19th amendment in August 1920.
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Valiant Women of the Vote:
The History of the 19th Amendment
Jo A.S. Loss and Janice Friesen
The League of Women Voters of the Eden Area (LWVEA)
LWVEA representatives Jo A.S. Loss and Janice Friesen, dressed in period attire (check out the video) shared the long and arduous journey on how women won the right to vote with the passage of the 19th amendment in August 1920.
To begin the presentation, Jo differentiated the terms Suffragist and Suffragette, which is critical to understanding the movement that spanned the 18th, 19th & 20th centuries. 

The movement began in the anti-slavery movement of the pre-Civil War period; however, the rights of former male slaves were embedded in the Constitution (14th and 15th Amendments) before the rights of women were added to the Constitution in the 19th amendment which added the following wording to the Constitution:  The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.
Among the incredibly interesting facts that Janice and Jo shared were that the women picketed the White House, the first to do so, and were arrested for their actions without breaking any law; thus becoming the first political prisoners in the U.S.  They also shared the stories of the many brave and pioneering women who fought for the 19th amendment, including  Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Lucy Stone, and Ida B. Wells.
Jo and Janice concluded with a brief history of the League of Women Voters including the Eden Area chapter along with its mission and values.
The presentation can be viewed here starting with Gary Howard's introduction at the 21:22 mark on the video.  The PowerPoint presentation is available here.
Restaurant of the Week:  Portales Taqueria

This week, the Club is supporting Portales Taqueria located at 3153 Castro Valley Blvd. for take out (510.728.0522) or delivery orders (click here to order) or see the posting on the Club's Facebook page.

The Club is supporting a different Castro Valley restaurant each week.  Members are encouraged to order from the restaurant to support it during the COVID-19 pandemic/shelter in place order.

Meeting Announcements/Information
(with timing marks)
  • President Todd Anglin called the meeting to order (0'00") and Parvin Ahmadi stepped in for Bruce Johnson to share the Thought for the Day.  (00:30) while Todd led the Four Way Test (4'50")
  • President ToddDan Willits and Ashley Strasburg shared information regarding the Restaurant of the Week, Portales Taqueria (1'26") with a short video clip of the owner Rosa.  See more detailed information above.  Dan is donating four (4) $25 gift cards to the Chamber to distribute.
  • President Todd offered birthday wishes to Roland Williams and David Sedghi (05'30").
  • Cliff Sherwood commented on President Todd's advertising on Facebook - COVID-19 masks with the State Farm logo.  Cliff contributed $20, which Jim Negri matched.  (5'55")
  • Obse Lubo provided a Breathing for Life (BFL) update along with photos of the oxygen generator construction in Nejo, Ethiopia (7'40").
  • President Todd shared an update on the Feed Eden Project along with information regarding a special event on May 14th.  See Todd's email for details (12'20").
  • Bruce Johnson shared A Member Moment, which President Todd has re-instituted (13:40").  Bruce provided the following information:
    • Born Oxnard, California (fourth generation Oxnard); graduated Oxnard High School 1966; Married to Christian Lyricist Linda Lee Johnson for forty-nine years (November 8, 1969); two children (Doug and Debi) and five grandchildren (15, 15, 14, 12, 11); Castro Valley resident since 1976.  United States Army Veteran (June 1971-August 1974) as Non-commissioned Officer (Fort Dix, New Jersey), and Hometown Recruiter (San Francisco East Bay from April-August 1974).  Retired June 30, 2016, as Superintendent of Redwood Christian Schools, Castro Valley CA after forty-two years at RCS, the last thirty as Superintendent.  I remain active as Superintendent Emeritus (my forty-sixth with RCS).
    • Bruce described how he studied at Cal State Hayward (CSUH) before serving in the Army and returning to work to Redwood Christian Schools.  Bruce has been very active in the community (e.g., Redwood Christian Chapel, Baywood Court Board of Directors, MOPS, Rotary).
    • Your shouldn't miss Bruce's explanation of why he is a Rotarian (16'25") and well as all of the hats that he wears during his talk.
    • Finally, Bruce shared that Linda and he are offering virtual yo-yo birthday cards.  Watch the video or contact Bruce for details about send a card.
    • Read more about Rotarian Bruce Johnson here.
Speaker for May 5, 2020
Bill Tobin from ShelterBox will describe the work that it is doing to provide emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster with a goal of transforming despair into hope. Learn more here.  Rotary has partnered with ShelterBox on numerous projects around the world.  Read more here.
  • Members and guests may register for the meeting here.
  • To access the meeting via Zoom, click here.
Texas Hold'em
October 10
Texas Hold'em Tournament Chairperson Dawn Ortiz announced that the annual tournament and dinner is scheduled for October 10th.  The location once again will be Stack Center at Our Lady of Grace Church in Castro Valley.  Mark your calendars, start recruiting players. line up sponsors, and recruit donations.