Alameda County Transportation Commission Gary Huisingh- Deputy Executive Director of Projects Gary Huisingh reviewed the work of the Alameda County Transportation Commission in three parts: plan, fund, deliver.
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April 21, 2020
Alameda County Transportation Commission
Gary Huisingh, Deputy Executive Director of Projects
Gary Huisingh reviewed the work of the Alameda County Transportation Commission in three parts:
  • Plan
  • Fund
  • Deliver
He started the presentation by reviewing who the Commission is, what it does, and who it serves.  From there, Gary explained how Alameda County serves as a major transportation hub for the region before focusing on how Castro Valley fits into the hub.
From there, Gary explained how the Commission tries to stay ahead of the curve to ensure that the County and regional transportation needs are met including the funding sources for all the current. planned, and future projects.  The cost of current and future projects is $3.5B.
One of the more interesting and challenging projects is GoPort Program to provide access to the Port of Oakland via 7th Street. 
Throughout the presentation, Gary shared projects, such as:
  • I680 Sunol Express Lanes
  • I80/Gilman Street Interchange
  • SR84 Widening from Ruby Hill
  • San Pablo Avenue  and East 14th /Mission & Fremont Multimodal Corridors
  • East Bay Greenway Project from Lake Merritt BART to South Hayward BART
  • I580 Alternatives especially at SR 24
These projects require incredible coordination with multiple governmental agencies while protecting the interests of existing businesses during the construction phase.
Gary included a review of projects in the North, South, East and Central parts of Alameda County with various options for the projects and cost estimates. 
To view the complete presentation, click here and go to the 7:35 minute mark. 
The complete PowerPoint presentation is available here.
Meeting Announcements/Information * (timing marks)
  • President Todd Anglin and Ashley Strasburg shared information regarding the Restaurant of the Week, Aroma Cuisine of India (0:00 and 1:15:00).  The Club is supporting a different Castro Valley restaurant each week.  Members are encouraged to order from the restaurant to support it during the COVID-19 pandemic/shelter in place order.
  • Murline Monet shared a personal Thought for the Day (2:15).
  • Cliff Sherwood shared the passing of Al Chamorro, an architect with whom Cliff had worked throughout his career.  Heidi Hausauer mentioned that Al had worked on her building.  Al was an active member of the Chamber of Commerce.  (3:31).
  • Heidi Hausauer shared that she had been online earlier in the day to celebrate Mathilde Schmidt's 99th birthday.  Mathilde and her husband, Leo, are doing well.
  • Dan Willits shared that the Endowment Committee under the leadership of Bruce Johnson would be meeting on April 22 to select the four Castro Valley High School Seniors who each will receive a $2,500 scholarship.  Details will be released once the scholarships are awarded, (6:18)
  • President Todd noted that he plans to re-institute the Rotary Vocational Talks where a a members shares 5-6 minutes about himself/herself and their career/work.  Newer members who have not shared in the past are encouraged to volunteer before President Todd taps you on the shoulder. (7:00)
Speakers for April 28, 2020
Jo A.S. Loss and Janice Friesen from the League of Women Voters of the Eden Area (LWVEA) will be speaking on the history of the 19th amendment and the work of the LWVEA.
  • Members and guests may register for the meeting here.
  • To access the meeting via Zoom, click here.
On Thursday, Congressman Eric Swalwell posted support for the #FeedEden project.  Click here to see the post.  For more information regarding #FeedEden and how to donate, click here.  The Rotary Club of Castro Valley is proud to be part of this partnership.
Texas Hold'em
October 10
Texas Hold'em Tournament Chairperson Dawn Ortiz announced that the annual tournament and dinner is scheduled for October 10th.  The location once again will be Stack Center at Our Lady of Grace Church in Castro Valley.  Mark your calendars, start recruiting players. line up sponsors, and recruit donations.