May 23, 2017
Rachel Rosen from SPARK for Humanity
Helping communities unleash their potential to work together, build trust & connect

Rachel Rosen from SPARK for Humanity will be our speaker for the CV  Rotary Club Lunch Meeting On May 23, 2017, Rachel is a leadership coach, inclusion strategist, seasoned speaker and the Founder of SPARK for Humanity,the fun card game where everyone belongs. SPARK  For  Humanity helps communities unleash their potential to work together, build trust, and connect in meaningful ways. as a Coach and Strategist, Rachel partners with visionary leaders and helps them design and facilitate experiences for their diverse teams who are at a transition point. With a M.A. from Stanford a backgrond in education leadership development , and racial justice, Rachel is passionate about empowering influencers to lead with with their S.P.A.R.K and ignite positive shifts in the world.