Speaker Date Topic
Mona Palacios Feb 28, 2017
Mona Palacios, Executive Officer Alameda County Local Agency Formation Commission
Mike Tacconi & Caryl Mahar Mar 07, 2017
Update on the Castro Valley Eden Area Chamber of Commerce

Update on the Castro Valley Eden Area Chamber of Commerce

CHP Officer Daniel Jacowitz Mar 14, 2017
Glen Pomeroy, CEO of the CA Earthquake Authority Mar 21, 2017
Overview of Earhquake Risks in California

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) was created 20 years ago to respond to a crisis – the virtual collapse of the California homeowners insurance market after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. While quickly succeeding in that goal, CEA has worked hard ever since on a far more ambitious one – providing valuable and affordable residential earthquake insurance in California. CEA also encourages Californians to reduce their risk of earthquake loss and damage through education and mitigation.


CEA CEO Glenn Pomeroy will provide a brief overview of earthquake risk in California, and describe how the CEA functions as a not-for-profit residential earthquake insurer. Mr. Pomeroy will also outline recent changes that have made CEA earthquake insurance much more flexible and affordable, resulting in a significant increase in the number of California homes that have this important financial protection in place.

Becky Paasche & Antonia Mambelli Mar 28, 2017
Update on Woodroe Woods School

Becky Paasche & Antonia Mambelli, Director & Board Member for Woodroe Woods will talk about the update with the school since many locals went there over there 42 years of the schools.